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Month: February 2011

President’s Death Tax Proposals Change Landscape

President Obama introduced his budget proposals on Valentine’s Day, and has dampened the enthusiasm for many changes and opportunities enacted in the Tax Relief Act of 2010 (TRA 2010). Rates and Exemptions.  TRA 2010 reduced the estate and gift tax rates to 35%, but...

Buying a Franchise

Instead of starting a new business from scratch, you may want to consider buying an existing business or, alternatively, starting or buying a franchise.  If you are someone who wants a turnkey system for operating a business that does not involve much individuality or...

Listen to Blueprint for Wealth on February 5!

Join me and my special guest, Rick Lesan, Founding Principal of Frontier Advisors, on Sat., 2/5 for another edition of Blueprint for Wealth, on WFED 1500AM and WWFD 820AM at 10am!  I will also be giving an update on asset protection developments in 2010.

Asset Protection Update

Please listen to this weekend's (2/5/11) Blueprint for Wealth on 1500AM and 820AM at 10:30am to hear me discuss 2010 developments in asset protection planning. Specifically, I will tell you about Hawaii's new asset protection statute passed in June 2010, how living...