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Month: November 2017

Launching Your Business Video 4 – Choice of Entity

Please join Wayne M. Zell, Esq. for this fourth and final video segment of Episode 1: Launching the Business, which focuses on considerations in choosing the right form of entity for your business. This is the first of six Business Success(ion) Planning Bootcamps for...

Senate Finance Committee Passes Tax Reform

On November 16, the Senate Finance Committee approved its version of tax reform. While more changes to the Senate version are expected, there are several key differences between the Finance Committee’s tax bill and the House’s. here are some highlights: One major...

House Passes H.R. 1 – Tax Reform Bill

The House of Representatives today passed its tax bill (H.R. 1) by a 227-203 vote. The bill sets a permanent 20 percent corporate tax rate, doubles the estate and generation skipping tax exemption (leading to repeal in 6 years), institutes a new system for calculating...