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Month: April 2020

As a business owner, do you have an exit strategy?

The most successful businesses continue to thrive after their founder steps back from operations. However, most entrepreneurs are understandably reluctant to step away from their companies. Here are some ways to ensure that your exit is graceful and leaves the company...

Types of income that cannot be taxed

Any employee or business owner knows that a majority of your income is taxed. Whether you are paid hourly, salary or commissions, you still pay taxes for that income. However, there may be exceptions to the rule. Seven types of income that can't be taxed There are...

How to ensure funding for a child’s education

Most Americans know that higher education is a necessity for the next generation. Between the constant shifts in technology and the limited market for jobs, most adults need a college degree to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. However, tuition costs...

Choosing a trustee for a charitable remainder trust

Most people want to contribute to their communities, whether it's through volunteer work, donations or support of local charities. Luckily, there are ways to continue the charitable acts through your estate planning process. One of the main avenues for charitable...

3 Basic Factors to Consider When Forming a Business

Starting a business involves hundreds of decisions that will affect how the business will operate and how well it will meet the needs of the owners and the customers. One wrong choice could lead the company down a vastly different path than another. Here are three...