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Month: October 2020

How to select the right formation for your business

Starting a new business is an exciting period for an entrepreneur, especially as you see your venture grow from the ground up. However, before the company can grow, you have to consider how to start the foundation. One of the first aspects you consider is the...

Which of your children should be trustees?

Choosing a trustee is an important decision for anyone's estate. You have to comb through all your options and consider the right person to represent your interests. And most parents want to choose their children to represent their interests. However, it's more...

Managing a smooth transition during a merger

Mergers are growing in popularity all over the country as more people want to work together to conquer a specific industry. However, mergers are notoriously complex due to communication and the transition process. But there are ways to manage a merger beforehand. It...

Protecting your business even during probate

Probate court is similar to a battlefield for most beneficiaries. It can take months or years to finally find a settlement that works for everyone, especially when a business is involved. Luckily, company owners have multiple defenses to help protect their businesses...