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Month: December 2020

The significance of funding a living trust

Many adults do not want to make mistakes, especially when it comes to their legacy. They want to ensure that every aspect of their estate plans is perfectly executed. Unfortunately, many planners forget one major aspect of building an estate, the funding. According to...

Do not buy into these common estate planning myths

Estate plans are incredible tools for anyone. You don't need a super high income nor a complex estate to develop a secure plan that ensures your family and friends receive the assets you had during your life. However, most people don't believe that estate plans are...

The difference between a trustee and a fiduciary

Most people hear the word "trustee" and have a distinct image in their minds. It could be their closest sibling, their eldest child or a trusted attorney. The image is clear but different from person to person. However, many adults do not know what the duties of a...

Three reasons why entrepreneurs need a paycheck

Starting a company is an expensive venture for anyone. Between employees, resources and startup costs, most business owners need to obtain a significant amount of capital and loans to attain their dream. Some entrepreneurs may even try to recoup their loans by cutting...