8 Decisions To Consider

As you embark on your estate planning, the questions below and corresponding videos are there to help you with your decision making.

What to Expect at Your Deep Dive Meeting

We will do a deep dive into your estate planning questionnaire, your financial and estate planning goals, and talk about other information that will help create your estate planning documents.

Below are some of the things you should think about before we meet;

  1. Who do I want to receive my assets (money, home(s), land, investments, business, tangible personal property, other)? 

  2. Who do I trust to manage my assets and distribute them according to my wishes? (This person is referred to as an Executor/Personal Representative or Trustee.) 

   3. Should my children receive their inheritance outright, at a specific age(s) or should it be managed for their benefit for their lifetimes? (Keeping assets in trust may provide asset protection from their creditors and minimize death taxes.) 

   4. Is there a charity or another individual I would like to benefit? Are there any restrictions that I want to place on such gifts? Do I want to make a gift of tangible personal property (e.g., jewelry, artwork, antiques, collectibles, automobiles, boats, memorabilia, firearms, etc.) to one or more individuals or charities? 

   5. If my spouse remarries, should my spouse continue to benefit from my estate? Or should the assets go to our children? If my spouse remarries, should someone other than my spouse serve as a co-trustee with my spouse over trust assets to ensure the assets are preserved for my children or other heirs?

   6. If none of my family members survive me, are there other more distant family members and/or friends or charities that I would like to receive my property?

   7. Who is the person I trust to make health care decisions for me if I am unable to do so (known as the Healthcare Agent)? What medical treatments do I want or not want?

   8. Do I want to remain in my residence or go to a nursing home or assisted living facility if I am unable to care for myself?



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