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A donor advised fund is a charitable giving vehicle that enables an individual, family or corporation to make an irrevocable, tax-deductible contribution of personal assets to a charity and at any time after the contribution to recommend grant distributions to qualified charitable organizations.

Donor advised funds provide many benefits that direct donations to a charity may not provide, including:

  • The ability to accept and process appreciated, publicly traded securities on which the donor does not have to pay capital gains tax
  • Greater investment options (depending upon the fund to which the donation is made) allowing the contribution to potentially grow before it is scheduled to be distributed to charity
  • The ability to donate a single block of securities that can be used to benefit multiple charities
  • Creation of a legacy that funds multi-year gifts, rather than providing a one time gift
  • Generating a tax deduction when contribution is made, but delaying the grants to charity
  • Simplicity, as compared to establishing a private foundation or non-profit organization

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