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Contracts, Transactions, Leases, Agreements, & Licensing…

Whether your business is in the start-up phase or up and operating, our attorneys can help you in preparing the contracts, transactions, leases and agreements you will need to operate your business effectively and help you mitigate risk.  One of the common questions we get asked is “Who can sign a contract on behalf of my company?”  

Serving Northern VA, DC, MD and Nationwide

We guide our clients with both basic and complex contracts, transactions, leases, loans, technology and software licenses, and other agreements, including:

You Can Rely on Our Firm to Protect Your Interests

We also negotiate and review of commercial leases and sub-leases, lease assignments and other documents required in connection with the lease of office and business space. 

Our attorneys are up to date on the latest lending requirements of local banks and lenders in connection with financing your business operations and can guide you through the constantly changing environment of commercial lending and borrowing transactions. 

Our involvement may include:

  • reviewing and negotiating loan and security agreements
  • deeds of trust & mortgages
  • promissory notes, bridge loans, pledges
  • collateral assignments & guaranties
  • warrants and other equity kickers
  • and other documentation required to secure financing for your business

Our attorneys also provide counsel in all the following matters:

  • Trusts Created 3,700+
  • M&A Transactions Handled 160+
  • Clients Served 7,000+
  • Businesses Started 850+