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Tax mitigation and strategic planning is the underpinning of all individual investment decisions and business decisions. Whenever you or your company is contemplating a transaction, you must also consider the potential tax implications. 

At Zell Law, we regularly provide tax guidance and advice to executives, entrepreneurs, and businesses throughout the United States. We also help our clients navigate and overcome a variety of taxation issues. Our Reston tax planning lawyers have more than 35 years of legal experience in this area, and our founding attorney, Wayne Zell, has over 40 years of experience as a certified public accountant (CPA). Our vast institutional knowledge forms the foundation of our practice and allows us to provide comprehensive representation in estate planning and business planning matters. 

We can assist you in many areas involving taxation, including:

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Services We Provide

Our team provides targeted international, federal, state, and local tax advice to advance clients’ interests in an environment of complex and rapidly changing tax laws. We advise clients in their ongoing and transactional planning and tailor structures designed to meet their business and financial goals. Our firm works to make the best use of available tax incentives and minimize the impact of taxation.

We also represent clients in selected civil tax controversies and routinely serve as special tax counsel to other law firms, accounting firms, and investment banks. Our team has assisted clients in structuring legislative proposals and presenting them to Congress, the U.S. Treasury Department, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), industry coalitions, and other government agencies.

Tax Planning for Closely Held Businesses

A closely held business is any business entity that has 50% or more of its ownership controlled by five or fewer individuals. Our closely held business clients include mature businesses, which are often owned by a single family and operate as limited liability companies or S Corporations, and start-up businesses, many of which may have the potential to become publicly held companies. 

We advise closely held business clients on a variety of matters, including:

For start-up and later-stage companies in high-technology industries (including electronics, computer components, and software), planning will often encapsulate venture capital financing, technology licensing, and corporate joint ventures. At the same time, our Reston tax planning attorneys utilize our extensive knowledge of estate planning to structure the most tax-effective succession plans for business owners.

  • 3,700+ Trusts Created
  • 160+ M&A Transactions Handled
  • 7,000+ Clients Served
  • 850+ Businesses Started

    Partnership and Joint Venture Tax Planning

    Our team has experience structuring complex economic relations among parties doing business in the form of entities taxed as partnerships, including limited liability companies. These arrangements may be joint ventures formed for a limited purpose among otherwise independent businesses or a single business operating in the flexible mode afforded by a tax pass-through entity. We regularly structure entities that include complex, disproportionate allocations of economic and tax incidents and design flexible executive equity incentives that are particular to the tax pass-through regime.

    Tax-Exempt Entities Need Tax Planning Too

    We have represented many helped many types of organizations, including healthcare organizations, educational organizations, and private foundations, obtain tax-exempt status from the IRS. We provide these organizations with advice on issues of particular concern in their ongoing operations, including related taxable and exempt activities. We also counsel clients in their ongoing restructuring as they enter into taxable ventures and establish for-profit affiliates to improve their cash flow, enabling them to benefit from unrelated business opportunities while maintaining their exempt status. Our team at Zell Law has represented pension funds and tax-exempt investors in structuring investments to achieve maximum rates of return while avoiding unrelated business taxable income.

    Our Reston tax planning attorneys are prepared to help you minimize your tax burden and resolve tax controversies. Request an initial consultation by contacting us online or calling (571) 410-3500.