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Jennifer DuPlessis Highlights Blueprint for Wealth on July 16!

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2011 | Firm News

Please join Wayne Zell, host of Blueprint for Wealth, at 10am on 1500AM (820AM) on July 16th, when he interviews Jennifer DuPlessis of George Mason Mortgage LLC.  Jennifer DuPlessis explains how her designation as a Certified Mortgage Planner and her approach to client service mean so much more to her clients than just finding the lowest interest rate!  In the first segment of the show, Wayne Zell continues his series on Equity Incentive Plans by focusing on performance-based awards, how they work and how they incentivize employees.  Blueprint for Wealth is sponsored by Odin, Feldman and Pittleman, P.C., a full service law firm serving clients in the D.C. Metro area and across the country.