Creating A Blueprint For Wealth

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Month: October 2014

Successor Trustee Manual and Seminars!

***FOR CLIENTS ONLY!*** Will your Successor Trustees know what to do when you are gone? They will if they have the new Blueprint for Wealth Successor Trustee Manual! Wayne M. Zell, Esq. has authored the Blueprint for Wealth Successor Trustee Manual, which is available...

Realities of Phantom Stock and SAR’s

In recent years, many of my clients have asked me to assist them in creating “synthetic equity” plans for their companies.  They offer these incentives in lieu of more traditional employee ownership structures, such as stock options, restricted stock or other “real”...

Buy-Sell Agreements

Now that you have your business succession plan in place, you will want to create an agreement that dictates what happens to the business and your ownership interest if you can no longer continue as an owner-operator.  You and your surviving owners and managers will...

Five Steps to Business Succession Planning

You already may have resolved to create and monitor your business plan and develop a succession plan for your business.  The first part of the resolution is fairly easy to achieve.  After all, everyone with a business needs a business plan.  But few of us really...