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If you have created a trust to handle your affairs during your lifetime, during your incapacity or after you are gone, or you are named as a successor trustee under someone else’s trust instrument, you may need our assistance in interpreting the provisions of the trust and administering the trust according to local law.

Legal Guidance for Trustees & Trust Beneficiaries

The attorneys at Zell Law have helped hundreds of trustees carry out their fiduciary duties, by assisting in understanding the provisions of the trust, communicating with the beneficiaries and creditors of the trust, collecting and distributing assets, identifying and paying liabilities and negotiating compromises, preparing accounting statements to show inflows, outflows and assets and liabilities of the trust, preparing tax returns for the trust, and in petitioning local courts for interpretation and reformation of trust where necessary or appropriate.

We have also helped beneficiaries of trusts secure their rights under their trusts when trustees have acted improperly or in violation of their duties to the beneficiaries.

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