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We Can Help You Create A Will That Works In Conjunction With Your Other Planning Documents

A will allows you to appoint the executor of your estate and guardians for your minor children, and a will apportions your estate to whomever you wish. In the event that you decide to create both a will and a trust, it is important to know that how your assets are allocated between these two instruments could impact the overall tax liability of your estate and the cost your heirs will incur in taking the estate through probate if you own assets in your own name. For this reason, it is critical that the will you create works in conjunction with the structure of your trust and your other estate planning documents.

At Zell Law, we advise and represent clients with regard to a wide variety of estate planning tools, including wills and trusts. To set up an appointment with an estate planning attorney, call us at 571-203-ZELL or contact us by email. With offices in Reston, Virginia, our attorneys represent clients throughout the D.C. metropolitan area and nationwide.